Hey there! Hola! Bonjour!

We always say that family is your toughest critic and taking that into consideration, we always treat you like family. What makes us different from anyone and everyone else selling golf and excursions in the Dominican Republic? We are real people that will pick up the phone when you call, answer an email when  you write and even join you on a tour or for a round of golf when we get can out of the office.

The tours we offer are the same as everyone else, we all use the same provider! The golf courses you will play, are the same ones that others are selling. The transportation we provide is in the same type of vehicle that everyone else uses. So why choose us instead of them? Because we want your business and we will do everything to preserve it. Be on time. Respond on time. Give you the time you deserve.

If that does not sell you, then, we are just great people that enjoy what we do!

Why Choose Us?

We enjoy our job

We truly enjoy what we do and in shows in the dedication of our service. Keeping it fun makes our staff feel great about being at your service and that gets passed on to our clients’ experiences.

Support Team

We work tirelessly to serve you before, during and after your vacation. With a combined 80+ years of experience in the tourism industry, we pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to create a fantastic golf vacation.

Our Services

• Complete packages
• Airport Transfers
• Excursions
• Golf tee-times
• Customized experiences